What to Know Before Shooting a Turkey with Your Bow

This past week it warmed up enough in Iowa to shoot my bow outside. I fell for the same early spring trick March in Iowa always pulls and started daydreaming about turkey hunting. Though it looks like we are back into snow boots and cabin fever, turkey season is only a bit over a month away. If you are considering shooting a turkey with your bow this season here are three things to consider to be prepared for the season.  

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Turkey Season

Turkey season is great. The weather is nice, and new birds and sounds come back to Iowa. Compared to whitetail hunting, in which you freeze your hands and toes while sitting uncomfortably in a tree stand, turkey hunting is a walk in the park. Except when you can’t find turkeys, which was the case for a good portion of my season. Here is my story. Continue reading “Turkey Season”

Getting Permission for Private Land Pt. 1

Picture this: you are driving down a gravel road on the way to a public hunting spot. A ten-point buck runs out of the ditch, across the road, and onto private land. Do you just toodle on down the road and hope you’ll find something on similar on public land? Or, do you find a way to hunt the deer? Hunting private land is great because you don’t have to worry about competition from other hunters. Here are a few steps to take to improve your chances of getting permission.

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Understanding Turkey Eye Sight

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.36.06 AM.png

This week I had a turkey spot me and get away before I could get a shot. I researched how turkeys see and the differences that need to be taken into account. As Drake University biologist Muir Eaton explains, “If you assume birds see exactly what we see, you could have the wrong framework for understanding bird behavior.” Here are the factors to understand in order to become a better turkey hunter. Continue reading “Understanding Turkey Eye Sight”

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