Getting Permission for Private Land Pt. 1

Picture this: you are driving down a gravel road on the way to a public hunting spot. A ten-point buck runs out of the ditch, across the road, and onto private land. Do you just toodle on down the road and hope you’ll find something on similar on public land? Or, do you find a way to hunt the deer? Hunting private land is great because you don’t have to worry about competition from other hunters. Here are a few steps to take to improve your chances of getting permission.

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Understanding Turkey Eye Sight

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.36.06 AM.png

This week I had a turkey spot me and get away before I could get a shot. I researched how turkeys see and the differences that need to be taken into account. As Drake University biologist Muir Eaton explains, “If you assume birds see exactly what we see, you could have the wrong framework for understanding bird behavior.” Here are the factors to understand in order to become a better turkey hunter. Continue reading “Understanding Turkey Eye Sight”

Shooting Your First Turkey

Iowa Spring Turkey Hunting

The tom stepped from the timber 100 yards away and quickly went into full strut. My heart began to race as I clucked a few times in his direction. He slowly came closer before letting loose another gobble and strutting again, this time spinning in the open field. I called again, sure that I would be posing with a tom soon. He continued to strut off and on for the next thirty minutes and never came closer. My first photo with a tom would have to wait. Continue reading “Shooting Your First Turkey”

Harrison’s 2016 Recap

By Harrison Hoegh

2016 was the first season for the Iowa Slam blog and videos. Going into the season I was confident that I could get opportunities at all six animals in the slam and that I was prepared to make the shots. I did get opportunities, but due to bad luck, or needing to learn a few more lessons I was not perfect when it mattered. I ended 2016 having shot pheasants, ducks, a turkey, and a whitetail (doe). I missed opportunities on shooter bucks, and coyotes. I still have a great deal of confidence I will get that mature buck down next year as well as the rest of the team doing the same.

I shot a doe in mid-October and the rest of November and December I spent pursuing deer unsuccessfully. Many people don’t understand why someone would want to go sit out in a tree each weekend to return empty handed. I was watching Solo Hunter on youtube the other day and thought Boyd captured the concept well when he said, “it doesn’t matter what I carry to hunt, if I am in the woods I am a happy man, and I love it.” The way I see it missing a buck does not make watching a herd of does feed, or a family of raccoons climb a tree any less enjoyable. Last week, though I wasn’t seeing the buck I wanted to shoot while hunting, I still got a lot of enjoyment from hunting. I watched a coyote hunt and catch a squirrel and the first bobcat I have seen slink down a fallen tree.

Mishaps can get a hunter down, and out of the woods or they can get a hunter out there with a stronger drive. The ways that I failed this season make me believe I am doing a lot of things right, and so, these failures are more motivating than disabling. Though I am still kicking myself for dumb mistakes this season, I am excited to get back out hunting each day, and have taken every chance I can get. I was happy with what I learned about filming hunts, and the new strategies I developed for hunting. We will head into next season with more information on how and where to hunt than ever before. Also,in the next few months Stuart is going to put together our footage and I am excited to see how it turns out.

2017 should be an adventurous year with more species and locations to hunt, film, and write about. I am headed to New Zealand for the next six months to study abroad, hunt, and trap possums. My next blog post will be from New Zealand and will focus on the slam Max and I will attempt in New Zealand. Stuart and Jared will wrap up their deer and coyote seasons in Iowa in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for tips on scouting this off-season as well turkey hunting in Iowa, mule deer and elk hunting next year, and stories from New Zealand. Thanks for reading.

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