When to Break the Law while Hunting

There is a difference between actions that are morally wrong and those that are legally wrong. Our laws were not passed down from the gods. They were created by humans and were written in a way that was easy to interpret and enforce. I have seen hunters follow rules and regulations without considering the impact and also seen laws used as scape-goats to deflect moral responsibility. The following blog describes how laws and morals while hunting do not always align.

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Optimize the Final Week

September, the one month that makes the other eleven tolerable, has arrived. Many of you will head west in the next few weeks to chase bugles through the Rockies. September is the highlight of the year for many, and taking a bull elk has been written on almost every American hunter’s bucket list. On the flip side the financial investment combined with the time commitment can create an immense amount of pressure. In the weeks leading up to the hunt various factors are likely to pop up that feel as though they may derail the dream you have been looking forward to for so long. As the reality sets in you may feel anxious. Your thoughts slip from fantasies to the impending reality of putting your money where your mouth is. Here are a few tips for staying confident optimizing how you spend your time.
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How to Save Money on Food for the Backcountry

One of the most important things when hunting in the backcountry is what food to bring with you. You need food that will provide enough energy while not being too heavy or expensive. While many hunters go with Mountain House or some other freeze-dried option, some of us don’t have the money to eat those meals every day. There are also more space-efficient meals and options that make it feel like home. Here is a mealplan to cut down on the cost of your elk hunt this September.

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How to get through all of your wild game


When my brothers and I were growing up we did not eat much of what we killed. I can’t really blame my mother for not being overly excited to cook the squirrels and possums we were killing, but one grilled possum a month isn’t too much to ask. Now that I have to cook for myself I eat a lot of game meat to save money. Getting your friends to eat your wild game is a good way to get others into hunting, and a good reason for you to shoot more deer.  I wanted to share a few tips on how to eat more of your wild meat and how to get your friends and family to eat it with you.

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