Motivating the Unmotivated Hunting Dog

Dogs lack motivation for a variety of reasons: genetics, age, time of year, time of day etc. If you have a hard charging dog that wants nothing more than to retrieve and worship your every move, this blog isn’t for you. If instead your dog seems to have ups and downs with certain weeks being better than others, here are a few tips to have a more responsive training partner.

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Who’s Training Who? Reflections after a year and a half of dog training

I find myself congratulating my dog on the smallest victories, a command understood correctly for the first time or a sequence repeated without a flaw for a few days in a row. But, this morning my temper flares up and Nali’s ears fall back. She stares timidly at me waiting for the next command. I spend the rest of the morning kicking myself for my lapse in patience as I try to focus on my work. Continue reading “Who’s Training Who? Reflections after a year and a half of dog training”

Mistakes and Solutions while Training a Hunting Dog around Guns

Finding time to properly train your hunting dog around guns can be tough. If you live in a city you can’t shoot a shotgun off in your backyard every morning without getting a few complaints. As a result, gun training is easy to rush and neglect. That’s what happened to me. Here are the mistakes to avoid and how to correct them if they have already occurred.

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