Resources for Understanding the Draw Process and Locating Quality OTC Units

Understanding the draw process for each state can feel overwhelming. Many hunters give up and simply decide to hunt over-the-counter (OTC). But, even then it can be challenging to determine which state to hunt and which unit to commit to. This blog provides the best resources for people wanting to learn more about the process as well as a few mistakes to avoid as a beginner. Continue reading “Resources for Understanding the Draw Process and Locating Quality OTC Units”

Iowa Slam Goes West: Wyoming Antelope

Driving down the canyon leading into town I stared anxiously at the clock. I had to get to the hardware store before six to pick up my habitat stamp. It was August 14th, the day before the antelope opener. With five minutes to spare I pulled into the parking lot where Alec was waiting on a bench in front of his motorcycle. An hour later Harrison and Jared met up with us, and we tore out of town towards our campground 20 minutes away. Continue reading “Iowa Slam Goes West: Wyoming Antelope”

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