Capitalize on Public Land this Fall

Few people begin hunting planning to hunt public land. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend $500-$600 on gear and hours scouting all summer when you have to worry about someone being in your spot on November 10th. Instead, most hunters have access to private land and become tied to the land they know well. As a result, Iowa’s public access land is often underutilized. Here are some tips for taking advantage of these areas. Continue reading “Capitalize on Public Land this Fall”

Mistakes and Solutions while Training a Hunting Dog around Guns

Finding time to properly train your hunting dog around guns can be tough. If you live in a city you can’t shoot a shotgun off in your backyard every morning without getting a few complaints. As a result, gun training is easy to rush and neglect. That’s what happened to me. Here are the mistakes to avoid and how to correct them if they have already occurred.

Continue reading “Mistakes and Solutions while Training a Hunting Dog around Guns”

State of the Pheasant

This past season was my best pheasant hunting season in several years. Every time that my group went out we were able to take at least one bird, something that hasn’t happened in some time. I wanted to know what to expect from 2017, so I spoke with several DNR officers, including Matt Dollison, the wildlife biologist for the Nishnabotna unit in southwest Iowa. We spoke about last year’s numbers, the impact of a warm winter and what to watch for this spring. Here is what I learned. Continue reading “State of the Pheasant”

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