What to Know about OTC Elk Hunting Opportunities in the West

I have shot bulls in Colorado the last couple years with my bow. I may hunt Utah or Idaho this year and hopefully Montana within the next few years. Just for kicks I read some articles on Wyoming archery elk hunting as well. I made a chart describing what I consider to be the top factors to consider when hunting as well as draw dates and rifle seasons. Continue reading “What to Know about OTC Elk Hunting Opportunities in the West”

Resources for Understanding the Draw Process and Locating Good OTC Units

Understanding the draw process for each state can feel overwhelming. Many hunters give up and simply decide to hunt over-the-counter (OTC). But, even then it can be challenging to determine which state to hunt and which unit to commit to. This blog provides the best resources for people wanting to learn more about the process as well as a few mistakes to avoid as a beginner. Continue reading “Resources for Understanding the Draw Process and Locating Good OTC Units”

Are Pheasants Back? What to expect next year

I saw more pheasants this year than I have in a very long time. I can remember healthy populations when my brother could limit on birds just by walking ditches and terraces, but that was ten years ago. In recent years it has been much more difficult. However, this year I consistently found birds, and many of the hunters I spoke with had good seasons as well. I decided to find out more about the current pheasant population and future projections. I reached out to a few local DNR officers for much of the information. All of the figures and tables were provided by the Iowa DNR. Here are the factors to look out for, and what to expect in years to come. Continue reading “Are Pheasants Back? What to expect next year”

Motivating the Unmotivated Hunting Dog

Dogs lack motivation for a variety of reasons: genetics, age, time of year, time of day etc. If you have a hard charging dog that wants nothing more than to retrieve and worship your every move, this blog isn’t for you. If instead your dog seems to have ups and downs with certain weeks being better than others, here are a few tips to have a more responsive training partner.

Continue reading “Motivating the Unmotivated Hunting Dog”

Tips for Hunting Pheasant in South Dakota

During the past week I hunted South Dakota for both deer and pheasant. The trip went well. I shot several pheasants over Nali, and she flushed many more. Deer hunting was a struggle, but I learned a lot that will be useful for next season. I understood that South Dakota was a world-famous pheasant hunting location, but how to find public lands and hunt effectively took time to figure out. Here are a few tips to help you save time and get on birds. Continue reading “Tips for Hunting Pheasant in South Dakota”

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