What to Know Before Shooting a Turkey with Your Bow

This past week it warmed up enough in Iowa to shoot my bow outside. I fell for the same early spring trick March in Iowa always pulls and started daydreaming about turkey hunting. Though it looks like we are back into snow boots and cabin fever, turkey season is only a bit over a month away. If you are considering shooting a turkey with your bow this season here are three things to consider to be prepared for the season.  

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How to get through all of your wild game


When my brothers and I were growing up we did not eat much of what we killed. I can’t really blame my mother for not being overly excited to cook the squirrels and possums we were killing, but one grilled possum a month isn’t too much to ask. Now that I have to cook for myself I eat a lot of game meat to save money. Getting your friends to eat your wild game is a good way to get others into hunting, and a good reason for you to shoot more deer.  I wanted to share a few tips on how to eat more of your wild meat and how to get your friends and family to eat it with you.

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Budgeting for Month-Long Hunts in the West

In the last year I spent 20 days in Colorado as well as 40 days hunting in Utah. I went broke both times, for different reasons. This blog gives advice on how much to budget for expenses once your hunt has started. I assume you will pursue a basic western hunt that doesn’t require a plane ticket. If you do a few simple things you can hunt for a long time on a little bit of money. Continue reading “Budgeting for Month-Long Hunts in the West”

Single Pin Sights and Limb-Driven Drop Away Rests

This past season I switched the sight on my bow from a five pin sight to a single pin HHA Optimizer lite. I also switched from a string driven QAD rest to a limb-driven Hamskea rest. I figured I would give it a go this season, and decide whether to switch back in January. I believe single pin sights can work well in Iowa for whitetail. And I am going to continue to use the Hamskea rest as well. Here are a few considerations, and the set-up, I have for the single pin sight and a limb driven drop away rest. Continue reading “Single Pin Sights and Limb-Driven Drop Away Rests”

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