Unguided: Preparing to Hunt Free Range Red Deer in New Zealand (Part 1 of 2)

Each year in April many photos appear on social media of hunters smiling behind giant racks of red deer. Many of these hunters use the payment system in New Zealand where you can pay 10,000 dollars for a 350” red stag. Though some hunters may enjoy this style of hunting, for many hunters in the states the idea of paying for an animal dissuades them from hunting New Zealand.

What is less publicized is all of the public land New Zealand offers for low-cost free-range red deer. Max has been hunting red deer for the past three years and each year he has been among wild roaring reds. He was unable to recover two nice stags, but his efforts were rewarded this year when he shot a fourteen pointer this year. Though New Zealand is a world away and the terrain can appear daunting, a DIY hunt is possible if you understand a few steps. Continue reading “Unguided: Preparing to Hunt Free Range Red Deer in New Zealand (Part 1 of 2)”

Mistakes and Solutions while Training a Hunting Dog around Guns

Finding time to properly train your hunting dog around guns can be tough. If you live in a city you can’t shoot a shotgun off in your backyard every morning without getting a few complaints. As a result, gun training is easy to rush and neglect. That’s what happened to me. Here are the mistakes to avoid and how to correct them if they have already occurred.

Continue reading “Mistakes and Solutions while Training a Hunting Dog around Guns”

Hidden Resources: Educating Yourself for Next Hunting Season

I was thinking back on what I have learned about hunting, and I came to the realization that a few years ago I wasn’t taking advantage of most of the resources I find most valuable today. If you feel like you are having a hard time finding more information online for  hunting here are a few places to find overlooked knowledge on hunting. Continue reading “Hidden Resources: Educating Yourself for Next Hunting Season”

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