5 Tips on Where to Spend and Save When Buying Gear for Whitetail Season

We would all love to have an unlimited budget when it comes to hunting. Every time I walk into Cabela’s I fantasize about piling gear in the cart with reckless abandon. Instead, our incomes limit our ambitions. Gearing up becomes a game of deciding where to save and where to spend. Here are a few of my recommendations.
Continue reading “5 Tips on Where to Spend and Save When Buying Gear for Whitetail Season”

Iowa Slam Goes West: Wyoming Antelope

Driving down the canyon leading into town I stared anxiously at the clock. I had to get to the hardware store before six to pick up my habitat stamp. It was August 14th, the day before the antelope opener. With five minutes to spare I pulled into the parking lot where Alec was waiting on a bench in front of his motorcycle. An hour later Harrison and Jared met up with us, and we tore out of town towards our campground 20 minutes away. Continue reading “Iowa Slam Goes West: Wyoming Antelope”

Debunking the Myth of Buck Fever

By Harrison Hoegh

Many hunters who believe in buck fever are slowing their progress as hunters. I see a ton of articles and podcasts on how to fix buck fever. While I will admit that I have experienced a miss or two due to buck fever, I would say nine times out of ten my miss was due to a mistake I can use as a tool for learning. Here is how I would recommend getting over buck fever. Continue reading “Debunking the Myth of Buck Fever”

Capitalize on Public Land this Fall

Few people begin hunting planning to hunt public land. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend $500-$600 on gear and hours scouting all summer when you have to worry about someone being in your spot on November 10th. Instead, most hunters have access to private land and become tied to the land they know well. As a result, Iowa’s public access land is often underutilized. Here are some tips for taking advantage of these areas. Continue reading “Capitalize on Public Land this Fall”

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