3 Keys to Scouting Elk


I spent the last week in Idaho scouting a unit I plan to hunt this fall. The trip was a success. Not only did I find a good number of rubs, I also received advice from locals on September conditions and jumped multiple herds of cows. I will have another blog out within a week describing how I selected the unit and specific areas. For now, here are three things you need to get right to have an effective scouting trip. Continue reading “3 Keys to Scouting Elk”

A Green River Experience

Why do I do this to myself? I’ve been casting on the Green River for eight hours and haven’t caught a thing. Feelings of frustration, impatience and inadequacy have crept in to my mind and are gnawing away. Nali, my two year old lab who can find endless satisfaction with almost any stick, sits on the bank behind me, bored out of her gourd. I think of other fisherman who would have caught their limit hours ago, and I consider the number of times I have struggled to effectively fish for trout. The day started off with thoughts of grandeur then slowly my brain wandered towards life’s other elements, at first glossing over the negatives then returning to them and eventually honing in on the decisions that led to this point and why I continue to find myself beating my head against a wall while trying to discover the keys to successful trout fishing. Continue reading “A Green River Experience”

So Little Time: How to improve despite a busy schedule

There never seems to be enough time. After each season many of us have several skills we’d like to develop to improve for next year, but other responsibilities in the spring and summer can push hunting to the back burner. I spent the past two months working in a warehouse in Las Vegas. I assisted with assembling booths for conferences, and because peak season comes in the springtime, the company had us working over 60 hours per week. Though the money was good, the demanding hours left little time to develop as a hunter. Despite my schedule, I found ways to squeeze in some arrows and learn new tactics in the limited time I had. I hope you enjoy my tips for improving with so little time. Continue reading “So Little Time: How to improve despite a busy schedule”

Who’s Training Who? Reflections after a year and a half of dog training

I find myself congratulating my dog on the smallest victories, a command understood correctly for the first time or a sequence repeated without a flaw for a few days in a row. But, this morning my temper flares up and Nali’s ears fall back. She stares timidly at me waiting for the next command. I spend the rest of the morning kicking myself for my lapse in patience as I try to focus on my work. Continue reading “Who’s Training Who? Reflections after a year and a half of dog training”

The Best Western Hunting Podcasts

I have spent the last few months working at a warehouse in Las Vegas. The job forces me to spend a significant amount of time commuting. I’ve made the most of it by listening to several western hunting podcasts. I realized that hosts often give away gear to listeners that leave reviews or rate, which results in nearly every podcast having a 5 star rating. I have provided a list of my top four podcasts to save you some time. What can I say? You’re welcome. Continue reading “The Best Western Hunting Podcasts”

Lessons from New Zealand: Stalking Deer and Elk

A couple of years ago I went out to stalk deer with an experienced hunter. It was early summer in New Zealand, and we were in the southern region of the South Island hunting the Waikaia Reserve. The sun was setting at around 9pm. The reserve is beech forest bordered by grass. The fresh spring growth was drawing deer out at dawn and dusk. For the remainder of the day the deer would bed down in the beech. Our plan was to camp in the beech and stalk the edge of the grass in the evening. Continue reading “Lessons from New Zealand: Stalking Deer and Elk”

What to Know Before Shooting a Turkey with Your Bow

This past week it warmed up enough in Iowa to shoot my bow outside. I fell for the same early spring trick March in Iowa always pulls and started daydreaming about turkey hunting. Though it looks like we are back into snow boots and cabin fever, turkey season is only a bit over a month away. If you are considering shooting a turkey with your bow this season here are three things to consider to be prepared for the season.  

Continue reading “What to Know Before Shooting a Turkey with Your Bow”

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