Harrison Hoegh

Harrison grew up hunting, trapping, and fishing in Iowa. He has hunted or trapped every animal in Iowa. He has also hunted tahr, goats, hog, and red deer in New Zealand, as well as hog in Florida. He spends the summer raft guiding and kayaking in Colorado. This spring he plans to return to New Zealand to study abroad and hunt Tahr and Red Deer. Bow hunting is his favorite form of hunting and plans to bow hunt more species in the future. The idea for the IowaSlam season was formed from his 2015 hunting season.




Stuart Hoegh

Stuart spent much of his time growing up predator hunting, and has now successfully bow hunted whitetail for the past four years. He is an avid fly fisherman, and is an Alaskan salmon fishing guide in the offseason. He spends his time training his pointing lab Nali for duck and pheasant season. He plans to become a fishing guide in Oregon in the next few years, and to rock climb and elk hunt in his free time.




Max Hoegh

Max grew up in Atlantic, Iowa as well, but he now lives and works in New Zealand. He enjoys trapping possums as well as hunting deer with his dog Jepto. Max has worked as a bow-tech and competes in archery and rifle competitions. He also hunts goats for pest control and food purposes. Max plans to create a New Zealand slam in which he hunts tahr, red deer, fallow deer, and chamois.


Jared Fulk

Jared started hunting in high school, and quickly gained a knowledge for whitetail hunting. He is an accomplished deer hunter with a bow and muzzleloader. He is currently attending Iowa State University for engineering and is a member of the U.S. Army. Jared began videotaping hunts last season, and plans to continue to make hunting videos of other species in the future.

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