Get Your Iowa Slam in November

By Harrison Hoegh

For those of us at IowaSlam November is the most wonderful time of the year. Thinking of November elicits memories of bucks crashing through underbrush and ducks dropping into spreads. If one approaches the month correctly, every animal in the Iowa Slam can be hunted effectively.


This is an obvious one. Whitetails get up on their feet throughout November to find mates. Early November offers your best time to call in a buck. In mid November a buck can be shot at any point during the day. And in late November a new buck may enter your area for a new food source, to avoid hunting pressure, or for more mating options.


November is also a great time to shoot a turkey. At this point many of you have been examining trail cameras of deer over the past few weeks. Turkeys have likely appeared on your trail cameras at routine times. Also if you are spending a lot of time in the treestand this month shooting a turkey may make that time a bit more exciting. Hens and toms are fair game in the fall as well so consider your chances doubled. Fall turkeys aren’t as responsive as in the spring but clucking a few times at a turkey just out of range may bring success. So buy a tag, pack a diaphragm call and an extra arrow, and shoot thanksgiving dinner this year.


Trapping Season has kicked off and Coyotes offer your only chance to make money this year. Also consider a coyote out of a treestand a success for turkeys and deer in the area. Though you may not be able to sell the pelt. I find the key to shooting a coyote is to aim small. When you are sitting imagining shooting a monster buck in your stand and a wiry coyote runs by the target may be surprisingly small. Just trust your shot and aim at the smallest spot possible on the coyote.


Pheasant numbers are up again this year. From the number of shots I have heard in the first two weekends of the season and the number of pheasants I am seeing on the road, I believe that this pheasant hunting this year should be worth a couple walks.

Ducks and Geese

The duck migration has been slow to this point of the season because of warmer weather. It can be easy to get caught up in deer season and to forget about what you will hunt after filling your tag. The key here is to start prepping for duck season. Go take a look at your decoys and make sure your gear is in order because I tend to be rushing to get my gear the night before I head out. Duck hunting is a great time to take your friends and relatives on over thanksgiving break. Scent control, complete silence, and shooting a gun aren’t necessary to be successful while duck hunting. Pass your gun to your cousin and take a hunt to practice your calling. It may take a while to limit out with him shooting but your calling will improve and they will have a blast.

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