The Best Western Hunting Podcasts

I have spent the last few months working at a warehouse in Las Vegas. The job forces me to spend a significant amount of time commuting. I’ve made the most of it by listening to several western hunting podcasts. I realized that hosts often give away gear to listeners that leave reviews or rate, which results in nearly every podcast having a 5 star rating. I have provided a list of my top four podcasts to save you some time. What can I say? You’re welcome.

1. Cutting the Distance with Remi Warren *****

Each episode covers one topic. Remi starts by telling a story of a relevant hunt from the past then goes into detail about the strategy used. The episodes are short and to the point. Remi doesn’t bring on guests, which means that each podcast builds on past information and doesn’t contradict past pointers. Remi doesn’t take himself too seriously and has tips that apply to pragmatic hunters on a budget. Recommended Episodes: Aug. 29, 2019 How to Dog Elk, March 12, 2020 Running out of Food, Eating Raw Heart, and Perfecting Backcountry Nutrition

2. IWTHM (Interviews with the Hunting Masters) *****

I have listened to almost every mule deer and elk themed episode available from IWTHM. I don’t like podcasts that take time catching up on personal stories or any subject off topic. Listeners provide John Stallone with the questions, and he seeks out the best hunters to ask. If John only have twenty minutes of material to cover, the podcast only lasts twenty minutes. The concise format allows you to get the most out of the time you spend listening. The host admits his mistakes and doesn’t pretend to be the greatest hunter alive. Great for anyone trying to learn about mule deer, elk or coyote hunting. Recommended Episodes: Episode 57, Sept. 14, 2017, Elk Nut Paul Medal.

3. Knock On ****

John Dudley knows somewhere between a shit ton and a fuck load about shooting a bow. I listened to this podcast daily last summer, and it helped me get to the next level as an archer. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone trying to extend their effective range before next season. John Dudley does a great job of answering listener questions in an entertaining way. The podcast covers a variety of relevant topics on each episode. I will mention that as you listen to the podcast some questions get repeated, and you’ll end up listening to the same answer over again on different episodes. Great for learning about form, bow setup and pros and cons of various archery components. The podcast also has some good tips on whitetail hunting as well. Recommended Episodes: Episode 134 More about Broadheads, Shot Placement and Overcoming a Slump.

4. Hunt Backcountry ***

Exo Mountain Gear generates the Hunt Backcountry podcast and has some developed some really quality episodes. The podcast is slightly less to the point, but does a good job of asking the right questions. As you would guess the hosts are slightly more focused on gear, and I rely on this podcast for tips on products as well as fitness for the backcountry. Recommended Episodes: Episode 91 Cory Jacobsen “Solving Common Elk Hunting Scenarios.”

5. The Rich Outdoors ***

I listened to the Rich Outdoors podcast last summer and copied Cody’s aggressive approach to successfully take my first bull. Cody repeatedly emphasized that bull elk close their eyes when raking a tree and will not see you approaching. Both of my shot opportunities last season came after a bull began raking a tree, and I moved in aggressively in order to get within range. I really like Cody’s approach of “buy tags not gear.” Unfortunately, many of the episodes take a lot of time developing and have significantly less material than the previously mentioned shows.  Recommended Episodes: Weekly episodes focusing on mule deer (Muley Monday) and elk (Wapiti Wednesday) always have super knowledgable guests.

I hope this list provides you with some additional knowledge to take into the field with you this fall.

Good luck,


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