Hunting in the Heat

We will begin our 2018 season next week by hunting antelope in Wyoming. The temperatures were in the nineties this time last year. Running across the desert to get into position can leave you soaked in sweat and taking a fifty yard shot (if your lucky) can feel strange as your grip feels slippery and sweat rolls into your eyes. Here are a few tips for staying cool while hunting antelope.

Adapt Your Approach

Last year we showed up in Wyoming incredibly excited to start hunting. We jumped out of the car and dashed across the desert towards every group of antelope we spotted. While this gave us a lot of practice, we wore our selves out walking miles under the scorching sun. Eventually, we realized that it is best to limit the number of stalks and focus only on antelope that provide quality opportunities. Additionally, instead of trying to crawl across open alfalfa fields, we began cutting off herds moving towards cover or barriers that we could hide behind. For example, Jared had luck using an oil rig that was in motion as it hid him from sight and concealed any noise he made.


Antelope rely heavily on their excellent eyesight and will spend most nights in open country. As a result, mornings often do not lead to many quality stalking opportunities. Evenings will be cool and the antelope will move towards areas where they will feel comfortable spending the night. Pay attention to any patterns they show towards the end of the day or locations you find them in the morning.


It rains often in New Zealand and soaked pants quickly cause chafing and additional weight. As a result, many hunters choose to wear tights. We do the same but also throw on a pair of shorts over top to avoid feeling like Robin Hood Men in Tights. Even lightweight pants can get hot, and you will move faster in running tights and shorts. If you’re ordering online make sure you read the reviews. I have ordered a couple pairs that did not meet expectations. We also wear long sleeve shirts, which provide better protection from the sun and camouflage than short sleeved t-shirts. Mesh neck gaiters also pay off when hunting in the heat.

Good luck and stay cool,



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