The Official Elk Camp Playlist: Special thanks to Jo Dee Messina and Shania

With elk season coming to an end we felt it was a good time to release our official elk camp playlist. In reading this blog we ask that you please do not judge our choices until you spend a month at 10,000 feet gasping for oxygen. Because, with what little air you have remaining, you’re probably going to want to sing 90’s female country. 

Week 1: Jo Dee Messina

With hits like “Heads Carolina” and “Bye, Bye” what’s not to love? Some of you may be thinking, “When I am at elk camp I want to be listening to manly songs while I do manly thing.” And, it’s totally cool, but you’re wrong. When all you do is hang out with one of your ugliest buddies at the end of the day you aren’t going to want to listen to some punk rocker talk about their problems. Jo Dee will belt, “Baby, what do you say we just get lost?” Then, you’ll think, “I’m already lost, but whatever you say Jo Dee.”

Week 2: Martina McBride

This is the point in the season where the newness has worn off, and you’re starting to wonder if the elk are ever going to start hooking up. I just know that at one evening I was sitting in camp and someone turned on “Independence Day,” and the next thing I knew four days had gone by, and we had covered around 600 miles.

Week 3: Miranda Lambert

You are no longer friends with your hunting partner at this point as you have simply spent too many days staring at all that ugly. Your thoughts have turned to all the reasons you hate him. Now is a great to hear Miranda say, “We can be friends.” And, “Famous in a Small Town” has a motivational combination of light-hearted humor coupled with a tune that makes you ready to become a high school cheerleader. In any case Miranda is a solid choice to get you through muzzleloader season.

Week 4: Shania (the Epipen of elk season)

You’re at rockbottom. There are only a few days left in the season, and you now want to use your tag on yourself more than on an elk. You’re incredibly dehydrated, and the only food you have consumed in the past 48 hours is a halloween-sized pack of Sour Patch Kids. Crank up “Man! I feel like a woman,” put your best pair of camo tights on and get to hiking. Finish strong.

Thanks for reading,


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