Buy the Right Suppressor for Hunting

Max hunts with a suppressor on all of his guns in New Zealand. The government encourages suppressors for a variety of reasons. The US has a few more requirements for ownership (some states have additional restrictions). This blog provides Max’s tips when choosing a suppressor for hunting and limiting the weight of your rifle.

Cut Down the Barrel

Suppressors add weight, which can wear you down when hiking long distances. To manage weight you can get your barrel cut down and threaded by a gun smith. You’ll have to take into account the rate of twist and your caliber. A faster shooting caliber needs a longer barrel and does less rifling. Max shoots a .223 with a one in 9″ twist and a 16 inch barrel. If he had a one in 8″ twist on a .223, he’d go with a 14 inch barrel. A .308, which has a slower bullet than something like a .243, could be cut down to 16 inches as well. A faster bullet, such as a 6.5mm Creedmoor, will need a longer barrel. Talk with a gunsmith about what suits the caliber and rate of twist you’ll be shooting.

 Over Barrel

A hunter can also buy and over-barrel suppressor to manage the balance and weight of the rifle. An over barrel suppressor will slide back over the barrel and shift the center of gravity as well as shorten the overall length of the rifle.

Buy the Right Suppressor

The third way you can manage the balance and weight of the rifle is to find a light suppressor. Suppressors come in a wide range of weights. Get a light one for hunting so you don’t have to carry a heavy rifle.

If you want a suppressor that will last longer, buy one with replaceable baffels.  You can then replace the baffel nearest the muzzle when it wears out instead of replacing the whole suppressor.

Keep these points in mind when picking your suppressor, and good luck this year.

 Thank you for reading,

Max and Stu

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